Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Atrocious Poems A To Z By Thomas L. Vaultonburg, Illustrated By Jenny Mathews

After a scant forty years of work, my seventh book is now at the printers. It is a book I am sure my 5th grade teacher never would have envisioned me finishing. Perhaps I should send her a copy. 

It's title Atrocious Poems From A To Z

Atrocious Poems A To Z is a book that takes the problems and challenges of childhood seriously. VERY seriously. Some might say too seriously. By taking a comic approach to everyday issues children face in lighthearted poems and whimsical drawings we hope to present a jumping off point where children and parents can discuss topics like bullying, sharing, dealing with siblings, anxiety etc. It was our goal to ease into these topics employing comedy, sensitivity, and an understanding that although children may see these "atrocities" as the end of the world, they are really things we have all gone through and just a natural part of growing up. 
Me and my life and creative partner Jenny Mathews raise two children: Ella (13) and Jack (6), and although many of the poems and illustrations in the book are about the struggle of their daily lives and the so-called atrocities they encounter, we hope it will be applicable to all parents doing their best to explain a sometimes unfair and scary world to children.
My favorite poem in the book is of course the haiku. It's also the poem I probably spent the most time on. The haiku is a deceptively simple form. This one took a great deal of work to say this little. 
But saying little is something I've always done exceedingly well. 
Not sure this was about
Anyway, I finished the book at the end of March, and we sent it to the printer last week. Now comes the least fun part of the process: selling it.
If you're interested in owning a copy you can order it now at Kickstarter 

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