Thursday, May 11, 2017

I Am Rockford History

In a Midwestern city not too far away in a future far, far from now, Zombie Logic Press became part of Rockford history

The only issue I have is the story is dated 2907, and while I might not mind living a 1000 year life, I'm not sure I want to do it in Rockford, or after a trump administration. One of my conciliations is that I never believed I would live until fifty, and I as I approach fifty it's certainly no certainty I'll get there. This latest book is meaning more and more to me the more I think of it.

Before my heart surgery I really didn't make a lot of preparations for my death. A few. I signed a power of attorney form and destroyed some old journals I didn't think anyone would want to or need to read, but I just couldn't do it. Almost four years later I still haven't prepared for my death, even though the realistic odds of it happening at any time are 1,000 times greater than yours.

When Jasper was younger I'd be with him and I'd think "If I died now I wonder if he'd remember me." It was always a constant reminder to be who and what I'd want him to remember me as if I didn't have all the time I wanted to create those memories with him.

Now he makes books more complex than the one I'm about to release. And the twelve year old has written two novels.

He made a functioning pop up book all by himself. 

Finishing off Atrocious Poems A To Z was difficult for me. I didn't really have the energy or vigot I needed to drive it home, but I did my best. And maybe I'll still get a couple more cracks at it.

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