Saturday, June 24, 2017

Aramus Perterberator

I have been invited to join a Dungeons and Dragons campaign starting this Tuesday. The only rub: they're playing 5th Edition, and the last time I played we were playing first edition. So, I bought a 5th Edition Player's Handbook, and the changes are substantial, but seemingly all for the better in terms of clarity and ease of play. The Dungeon Master wants me to begin at 6th level, so I found a character generator software online and created Aramus Perterberator, combining the character from The Monster Club with the song I was listening to at the time on a friend's synthwave list on Spotify. 

Aramus Perterberator 

Jenny offered to draw Peterberator, and asked what he looked like. I didn't know, so I said offhandedly he looks like Timothy Dalton in Flash Gordon. 

I had that movie and soundtrack on my mind because I bought the vinyl soundtrack earlier in the week. This is not my copy. 

I'm really trying to get up to speed before Tuesday night, but I created a fighter character on purpose so I could just whack at things and keep it simple.

Right now I'm going to go get my cip of tea and read the Platyer's Handbook some more and wait to see if the kid got her black belt at karate. 

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