Monday, May 20, 2019

When You Race With The Devil You Better Be Fast As Hell, Or Why I'm Curtailing Facebook

In order to model healthy behavior to my children, I need to have them see me engaging in healthy behavior first. 

After over a decade of social media, I find it to not be healthy behavior.

Yes, it has several positive aspects. Sharing of information, keeping in contact with other human beings, and creating a social network you engage with in real life, also, but I'm finding those positives are outweighed by the negatives.

I see those people in real life if I engage in real life, anyway. I hear the news eventually, even if I'm trying not to, and whatever information I gain from social media seems to be drowned out by so much noise that it can hardly be called worthwhile.

Mostly, though, it creates a cocoon than envelopes me. And with my solitary nature, that's the last thing I need.

I want to work, and engage in a variety of activities, and discover new things. I don't seem to do any of that on social media. 

And that's what my kids see. Me, hunched over a screen, squinting with a furrowed brow, usually agitated by something more than enjoying myself. Giving my attention to fools and strangers rather than them and my own work. 

After my heart surgery, and finding out I now am experiencing the early stages of heart failure, time has become of the essence to me. Social media is a time killer. No matter how much time you have, it can consume it. And return nothing but the empty husks of your hours, days, and months. 

I can't lead my children out of this labyrinth if I can't escape it myself. 

May is a good time for this undertaking because there's so much to see and do here in Northern Illinois. It's been cold this year, but these few months are becoming so precious with each passing year. The winter seems to get longer and more fierce every year, and the real summer shorter. 

My intention is to be more cold turley than ween myself off it. Facebook has to go first. And twitter has to be used only to promote whatever I'm working on. And the computer itself as a stereo, word processor, or email service. 

I just need to pile up some work. Even if I'm just relaxing, doing nothing, it seems healthier than being fixated on a monitor where I'm just waiting for the next fight to break out. 

I have friends who have gone first, and I see them, and I assume I'll continue to still see them, and maybe even have more to say when I do now.

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